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We build an interactive end-to-end process to attract the best candidates in your target audience and create an effective network of professionals interested in your company.

We offer you the opportunity to tell your company's story in an innovative and digital way.

We create tailor-made projects  that optimize your communication with target candidates.

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Learn more about our successful projects...

Learn more about our successful projects.uccesso...

Learn more about our successful projects

...Learn more about our successful projects.uccesso...  

ITS Pop Days

ITSs (Higher Technical Schools) from all over Italy came together virtually in the first fair completely dedicated to Higher Technical Institutes, showcasing educational offerings, excellence, and partnerships, as well as stories of unique experiences to a wide audience.

ITS POP DAYS was designed to make the reality of vocational tertiary pathways more and better known, allowing everyone to browse through the virtual stands of the institutes, with the opportunity to engage in live chat t and participate in a program dedicated to meetings and webinars on the topics of training, work, and the future of the new generations. ITS POP DAYS was an event held in partnership with Confindustria, Umana and INDIRE.

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Academy4Talents was the training project born out of the partnership between Umana and SAP dedicated to the recruitment, training and certification of young talent. It was designed to raise awareness of SAP and to sponsor planned pre-employment training courses, with the opportunity to take advantage of training in SAP technologies and subsequent delivery of the certification associated with the topics learned.

The goal was to generate new value in enterprises through the placement of young talent selected, trained, and certified on SAP Cloud solutions within partner organizations.

It was an innovative initiative that made it easier for SAP's partner companies to find the talent best matched with them. In addition, SAP and Umana have activated personal logins to SAP's SAP's Learning HUB platform for one year, providing opportunities for participants to take advantage of the training content and participate in tutorials and the certification exam.

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Talent Days

AIDC Milan decided to organize the first digital job fair connecting talent from the accounting profession and professional firms.

The week has been adapted to the needs of professionals, offering a map that is entirely digital, where candidates have been able to view open job positions and have had access to customized presentation content from professional firms.

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