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your employer branding!

Tell your company's story through the people who work there.

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Together we can do it!

Implement strategies that show future and current employees why your company is the best to work at.

Attract and maintain talent in the company, in other words, those who add value to the organization.

Successfully recruit candidates over your competitors, thanks to strategies that are designed according to your needs.

Social Media Project

#costruiremoinsieme (let's build together) is a content editorial plan (PED) on social networks dedicated to your target audience and customized with your employer brand promise. 

Interactive Experience

 #costruiremoinsieme is an interactive end-to-end process used to attract the best target candidates and to create an effective network of professionals interested in your company. You will have the opportunity to tell the story of your company in an innovative and digital way.

Branded Week

#costruiremoinsieme is a week that is entirely digital, dedicated to uncovering the values, mission, vision, and job opportunities to stand out as an employer of choice.

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