Vodafone Week is an event organized by CVing. It's a whole week dedicated to Vodafone and its values, mission and work opportunities inside Tech & Digital teams. The aim of the partnership CVing for Vodafone is to create new digital strategies to prove young people how a job is not only a workplace, but it stands for a project to embrace.

Upcoming events

Starting from 17th until 23rd March a new event will be unlocked, you will have the chance to explore events on the main social platforms to find out tips on Vodafone and its Tech & Digital events.

Tips & Tricks to join Vodafone and build a successful career.
Let's spend a day with Giacomo, Vodafone HR Business Partner
Let's talk about Personal Branding
The Cloud Big Data Engineer in Vodafone

Are you passionate about the tech industry and you're wondering what are your career options? Vodafone reveals what are the main profiles in this field and how they are contributing to the digital transformation through some video spots recorded in CVing studios

Let's spend a day with Camilla, IT Solution Architect
Digital acceleration in recent years

Digital Revolution is taking over our work and our lifestyle. Therefore it is necessary to create a new work environment that allows new generations to grow professionally and personally.

Digital Native

By 2025 digital natives will represent 70% of the total workforce. This implies there will be increasing professions in the tech industry and new approaches to work. Do not miss this chance to get in touch with Vodafone and explore its culture, values and how it is facing this revolution.

Together we Can

Together we can create a better future. We are restless and passionate about making the world more connected, inclusive and sustainable. You will have new tips on how become part of Vodafone and its tech & digital teams. Technology is what we want to be remembered for and what allows us to move forward in order to creare a better future.

Join Vodafone's Talent Community!

We connect people, businesses, and communities across the globe to create the future.

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